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Downsizing your team - team-building


Team Construction Question:

Our agency has freshly cultured that about 20 percent of our staff will be bringing up the rear their jobs in the next connect of months due to a relocation set down from our corporate office. Some open positions in my area are being posted for those behind their jobs. The drive in the bureau is actually down right now, plus we are production with some disciplinary issues. I would be very open to any suggestions as to how to make this a charming transition and boost morale.

The Team Doc Says:

There is very diminutive you can do to charge how citizens feel about this situation. And the survivors will almost certainly feel the worst.

That said, there may be legal issues that must keep on quiet, but now is the time for as much communiqu? as possible. Even if the counter is "I don't know" or "For legal reasons I can't tell you that. " Have consistent get togethers with your team to talk about what is going on.

You'll be able to tell whether you are communicating an adequate amount by listening to the noise level at your company. Is the rumor mill certainly loud or just a soft murmur? The louder the rumor mill, the more you need to be in touch to quiet it down.

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